DNA Activation Healing Service


What is DNA Activation?

If you are reading this, more than likely you were guided to this by divine design. This is a trigger point for you to evolve into who you were originally meant to be. Divine. You know that it always seemed that something was missing. And you were right. You have been altered and disconnected from your Supreme Source. The Divine.

Presently most humans have two active strands of DNA.  Science verifies that there are 10 additional energetic strands that are not connected. They call this Junk DNA. This is where it gets interesting. We are barely using 20 percent of our brains because these 10 strands are not connected that they call Junk. Now there is a purpose to everything that is created including this Junk DNA. It would not be there if there was no purpose for it.

DNA activation is a call to restoring ourselves to the original blue print with our Divine.  DNA Activation helps connect back the additional 10 strands of DNA called Junk DNA. There’s even more to it than the Junk DNA because we were originally encoded with 44 DNA codes for the human race.  This reconnection is possible through the etheric body sometimes referred to as the light body where off world Galactic Genetic Engineers oversee our reconnection.

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