Color Harmonics

In its purest form, color is energy and is carried in light and is constantly in motion. A denser form of this energy, for example, would be colors seen in the clothes we wear, the food we eat and how we see the coloration of objects and nature based on our perception of visible surroundings. We are surrounded by light and interact with it in our lives as our visible spectrum, delivered to us from the sun, radiates and influences our every move through our energy field, supporting life by creating harmony and a natural state of balance.

Pathways to Light utilizes the Spectrahue Color Harmonics System, an energy-based, gentle and non-invasive modality. Color Harmonics is an advanced methodology of color therapy that encompasses a revolutionary approach to restore and maintain a proper balance of vital energy in the aura. It offers a holistic approach for beauty and vitality, based on a myriad of disciplines of science and philosophy combining holographic geometric concepts, color therapy, acupuncture and reflexology.

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