Speakers 2013 Holistic Expo

Expanding your Level of Consciousness and Healing

Although the health care system remains focused on the treatment of disease great advances in the realm of holistic wellness focusing on the mind, body and soul has lead to greater conscious awareness among individual.   This focus on conscious awareness or holistic care of the whole person encourages integration of the patient and social worker, mental health specialist or health care provider’s inner wisdom along with scientific and technological advances for the promotion of overall well-being. This seminar will explore the role of consciousness in healing through a series of one-hour, talks led by visionary leaders in the field of holistic health and spiritual development/empowerment. By the end of the 2 day program participants will understand and be able to identify:

  • Various consciousness models that links body, mind, spirit and society.
  • How consciousness applies to health and healing and learn practices to promote self-care.
  • Insights into the healing potentials of your thoughts and beliefs.
  • Explore the role of consciousness in healing through a series of one-hour, interactive seminars

Dr. James Kowal, Consciousness, the Mind, and the Brain, Neuroscience has been fascinated with the workings of the brain for centuries.  The Federal government has initiated a new program to learn even more about the workings of the brain over the next decade.  Metaphysics focuses on consciousness.  Quantum physicists look at the energy of the brain and how it interacts with the “unified field” of information.  Dr. Kowal will review the various aspects of the brain, consciousness, and the mind.

Learning objectives:

  1. Define the meaning and differences among mind, consciousness and the brain.
  2. Define the role of energy and how it relates to awareness.

Ellie Stewart, Advance Practice Akashic Records Practitioner /Instructor & Spiritual Teacher Founder of the Pathways to Light and the Akashic Records Institute, Ellie will talk about using the Akashic Records to transform your world, life and affairs.  The Akashic Records are the vibrational depository of all that ever was or the primary substance from which all is formed.  It is through this conscious connection Ellie will take you on a journey of your soul’s vibrational record to heal and expand your conscious awareness to self healing techniques while in your Akashic Records.  In the process you are invited to deepen your relationship with yourself and higher consciousness. Utilizing the Akashic Records as a healing modality, participant’s will:

  1. Identify a fear that is holding them back during this interactive transformative session.
  2. Demonstrate and eliminate a fear using Akashic Records healing protocol through guided interaction.


Walter Perschke, The Law of Attraction Learn the principle of the Law of Attraction and the most important practical applications in your everyday life. Many know, or say they know, about the Law, but few know how it actually operates and how it can benefit you, or hold you back.

  1. Identify the principals of the Law of Attraction
  2. Identify how your subconscious mind operates to enforce the Law of Attraction


Alison Ooms, Higher Brain Living, Advanced technology to create organic activation of the dormant prefrontal cortex.  Higher Brain Living is a neuroscience breakthrough for organically freeing bound up energy from the lower brain to the higher brain where nature intended it to go.  It changes physiology of the brain by opening an organic energy surge that creates a lasting pathway from the primitive fear based lower brain to a lifetime of higher brain happiness, empowerment, purpose and growth.

  1. Identify what is keeping us from making sustainable changes in our day to day lives that we so desperately need.
  2. Identify what is the simplest theory of all human experience
  3. Identify how to link this new physiology with this simple theory to make lasting changes in all areas of our lives.

Vanessa Narvaez, Sacred Light Journals, Everyone has an inner light, a passion and a voice calling them to better connect with their soul to obtain personal growth and greater enlightenment. Our thoughts and actions create a powerful energy force in our lives. That energy becomes INTENT. Vanessa demonstrates how uses of these journals bring greater clarity to your life’s journey and define your positive intent to the Divine Source.

1.      Student will discuss the benefits of utilizing intention prior and during journaling in the scared journals.

2.      Identify the process of manifestation while journaling in the scared journals.


Rodrigo Duque, Shamanic Arts Practitioner – Sacred Places, Throughout history humanity has defined special places in different parts of the world as sacred.  From the distant past to the present time people of different cultural backgrounds and religious affiliations have traveled to these sacred places in search of spiritual inspiration, guidance and enrichment.

What alternatives are available to those of us who don’t have the means or the time to

get to a Sacred Place? Participants attending this talk will be able to:

1.)    Identify practical ways to find a personal sacred place to expand their conscious awareness.

2.)    Recognize how to they can find inspiration and empowerment during hardships through conscious awareness.

3.)    Demonstrate how to utilize their scared place to unwind from daily stress.

Denise Norberg-Johnson, Animal Communicator – Animals Know,  As human consciousness expands with the rise in our vibrational energy, it is essential to reframe our understanding of how human beings relate to other life forms.  Animals are eager to express their views and help the people in their lives heal their bodies and relationships – if we simply listen with open hearts.  In this session, participants will:

1.)    Expand your understanding of the energetic connection between humans and other life forms.

2.)    Discover lessons animals teach about love, death, and forgiveness.

3.)    Learn how to consciously work with animals to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Group Spiritual Healing Service

Ellie Stewart, Advance Practice Akashic Records Practitioner /Instructor & Spiritual Teacher Founder of the Pathways to Light and the Akashic Records Institute, Ellie will lead the group through a Personal Healing Protocol through the Akasha that will transform and expand the participant’s awareness in truth allowing for a spiritual healing to take place. This process will align the individual with their soul’s perfection. Utilizing the Akashic Records as a healing modality, participant’s will:

1.)    Identify a situation that is causing disharmony within the body during this interactive transformative session.

2.)    Recognize the ability to align with the soul’s perfection through spiritual healing.


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